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Meet AURI’s staff and learn more about what they do.

Shannon Schlecht

Executive Director
218.281.7600 ext. 125

Photo of Ray Bohanna

Ray Bohanna

Information Systems Manager
218.281.7600 ext. 109 Continue Reading Ray Bohanna

Alan Doering

Senior Scientist, Coproducts
218.281.7600 ext. 126 Continue Reading Alan Doering

Photo of Marijo Fischer

Marijo Fischer

Administrative & Executive Assistant
218.281.7600 ext. 128 Continue Reading Marijo Fischer

Photo of Lisa Gjersvik

Lisa Gjersvik

Senior Director of Strategy Management
218.281.7600 ext. 129 Continue Reading Lisa Gjersvik

Photo of Jimmy Gosse

Jimmy Gosse, Ph.D

Senior Scientist, Biobased & Renewable Energy
218.281.7600 ext. 114 Continue Reading Jimmy Gosse, Ph.D

Photo of Ashley Harguth

Ashley Harguth

Project Manager
218.281.7600 ext. 127 Continue Reading Ashley Harguth

Photo of Linda LaPlante

Linda LaPlante

218.281.7600 ext. 123 Continue Reading Linda LaPlante

Photo of Nan Larson

Nan Larson

AURI Connects Manager
218.281.7600 ext. 137 Continue Reading Nan Larson

Photo of Matthew Leiphon

Matthew Leiphon

Project Manager
218.281.7600 Ext. 106 Continue Reading Matthew Leiphon

Photo of Amy Lund

Amy Lund

218.281.7600 ext. 111 Continue Reading Amy Lund

Photo of Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez

Communications Manager
218.281.7600 ext. 148 Continue Reading Lisa Martinez

Photo of Brad Matuska

Brad Matuska

Business Development Director of Biomass Feedstocks
218.281.7600 ext. 143 Continue Reading Brad Matuska

Photo of Kim Nesvig

Kim Nesvig

Project & Resource Manager
218.281.7600 ext. 132 Continue Reading Kim Nesvig

Photo of Clay Newton

Clay Newton

Meat Innovation Specialist
218.281.7600 Continue Reading Clay Newton

Photo of Camren Nikoley

Camren Nikoley

Bio Industrial Lab Associate
218.281.7600 ext. 139 Continue Reading Camren Nikoley

Photo of Lolly Occhino

Lolly Occhino

Senior Scientist, Food
218.281.7600 ext. 115 Continue Reading Lolly Occhino

Photo of Alexandra Diemer

Alexandra Ostlund

Business Development Director of Novel Supply Chains
218.281.7600 ext. 149 Continue Reading Alexandra Ostlund

Angela Owens

HR & Administrative Specialist
218.281.7600 ext. 104 Continue Reading Angela Owens

Photo of Sanchez Philocles

Sanchez Philocles

Market Research Analyst
218.281.7600 ext. 138 Continue Reading Sanchez Philocles

Photo of Becky Philipp 2

Becky Philipp

Project Manager
218.280.8575 Continue Reading Becky Philipp

Photo of Lea Reitmeier

Lea Reitmeier

Project and Contracts Coordinator
218.281.7600 ext. 110 Continue Reading Lea Reitmeier

Photo of Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

Business Development Director-Food
218.281.7600 ext. 119 Continue Reading Jason Robinson

Photo of Shannon Schlecht

Shannon Schlecht

Executive Director
218.281.7600 ext. 125 Continue Reading Shannon Schlecht

Photo of Dan Sparks

Dan Sparks

Director of Government and Industry Relations
218.281.7600 ext. 107 Continue Reading Dan Sparks

Photo of Michael Sparby

Michael Sparby

Commercialization Director
218.281.7600 ext. 118 Continue Reading Michael Sparby

Photo of Harold Stanislawski

Harold Stanislawski

Business and Industry Development Director
218.281.7600 ext. 117 Continue Reading Harold Stanislawski

Photo of Adam Stratton

Adam Stratton

Senior Director of Operations & Finance
218.281.7600 ext. 103 Continue Reading Adam Stratton

Photo of Michael Stutelberg

Michael Stutelberg, Ph.D.

Scientist, Chemistry
218.281.7600 ext. 135 Continue Reading Michael Stutelberg, Ph.D.

Photo of Ben Swanson

Ben Swanson

Scientist of Food & Nutrition
218.281.7600 ext. 133 Continue Reading Ben Swanson

Photo of Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson, Ph.D.

Director of Organizational Advancement
218.281.7600 ext. 108 Continue Reading Linda Thompson, Ph.D.

Photo of Shelby Thooft

Shelby Thooft

Associate Scientist, Chemistry
218.281.7600 ext. 136 Continue Reading Shelby Thooft

Photo of Jennifer Voegele

Jennifer Voegele

Director of Marketing Communications
218.281.7600 ext. 102 Continue Reading Jennifer Voegele

Photo of Jennifer Wagner-Lahr

Jennifer Wagner-Lahr

Senior Director of Business Development and Commercialization
218.281.7600 ext. 121 Continue Reading Jennifer Wagner-Lahr

Photo of Luca Zullo

Luca Zullo, Ph.D.

Sr. Director of Science and Technology
218.281.7600 ext. 145 Continue Reading Luca Zullo, Ph.D.