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About AURI

Photo of Jimmy Gosse

Jimmy Gosse, Ph.D

Jimmy Gosse received his Ph.D from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics, and he serves as the microbiologist at AURI. Through practical and applied research the microbiology laboratory in Crookston, AURI aims to improve and expand the ways in which microbes add value, treat waste and provide new products for Minnesota entrepreneurs and established agribusinesses. To this end, Gosse provides laboratory support and technical advice in the areas of microbial biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics for AURI partners.

Gosse’s background includes academic research appointments, teaching and industrial research experience. While working at the University of Minnesota and in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University, he developed a network of scientists at educational institutions and federal research laboratories and has published peer-reviewed papers with many of them. Most recently Gosse was director of research and development for the Minnesota-based biotechnology start-up BioCee. This entrepreneurial experience serves as an important resource for supporting AURI partners in transitioning valuable research results into viable business opportunities within the Minnesota agricultural community.

While providing insight on a wide range of topics, Gosse has a specific interest in applying C1 metabolism and photosynthetic microbes to the production of biobased products and green chemicals. When he is not working he enjoys snowboarding, gardening, cooking and camping with his family.

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