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About AURI

Photo of Lisa Gjersvik

Lisa Gjersvik

Lisa Gjersvik is the senior director of strategy management at the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), and leads the development and implementation of AURI’s strategic implementation plan. She is also in charge of reviewing the external effectiveness of AURI programs, gathering organizational impacts, including reports to the State of Minnesota, and grant administration.

Gjersvik has served in a number of positions throughout her more than 20 year career with AURI, including resource development coordinator/manager, where she worked on the grant management system and strategic implementation plan, and as a grants specialist where she coordinated the development and submission of quarterly narrative progress reports, financial status reports and program impacts. As project development director at AURI, she worked with businesses and entrepreneurs to develop projects resulting in the commercialization of new or value‐added products.

Gjersvik is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Morris and earned a Bachelor of Arts in business economics. She attended the University of St. Thomas for executive director leadership and is a certified economic development finance professional.  She also has training in Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard, strategy‐focused organization and performance measures.

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