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About AURI

Photo of Brad Matuska

Brad Matuska

Brad Matuska is AURI’s Business Development Director of Biomass Feedstocks with a focus on producers and industry to develop and execute projects and initiatives resulting in the commercialization of new value-added products benefitting Minnesota agricultural biomass feedstocks, including manure, crop residues, food waste and other coproducts.

Brad co-founded an organics recycling business, Mississippi Topsoils in 1998, that commercialized value-added products made from the wastewater treatment biosolids of a poultry producer. Over the 25-year history of the company, he gained a wide breath of experiences which ignited his passion to sustainably create valuable products from by-products and developed a strong foundation of business development.

Brad has also been an adjunct instructor at the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University for the past six years. As an adjunct, Brad cultivates an enriching learning environment built on relationships and community building. He is a nonprofit advocate, having served on several nonprofit boards and helped manage aquatic invasive species, sustainable shoreline development, and water quality projects.