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Rural Cooperative Development Center

Since 2011, AURI’s Rural Cooperative Development Center has helped cooperatives remain vital elements of the agriculture industry while supporting their ability to grow. AURI also works with newly created cooperatives and organizations operating in a cooperative manner to launch new businesses and plan for long-term viability.

The goals of the Center are to use cooperative development as a strategy to maintain or improve economic conditions of eligible rural areas while continuing to grow a collaborative, integrated approach of delivering cooperative development services, utilizing the most appropriate expertise available.

Whether your cooperative has been operating for decades or is a new idea, the Center can help with a variety of services, including:

  • Product Assessment
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Market Assessment
  • Project Management

AURI’s Rural Cooperative Development Center has the services and resources to assist:

  • Cooperatives
  • Members of cooperatives
  • Groups that want to form a cooperative
  • LLCs or group-owned businesses that operate under cooperative principles or that leverage cooperation as a business advantage
  • Mutually-owned rural businesses

If you’d like to learn more about how the Rural Cooperative Development Center could help your cooperative, contact AURI by calling 218.281.7600.