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Research Reports

AURI conducts practical, applied research that identifies emerging opportunities to add value to agriculture products. This information is publicly available with the hope that it will spur ideas for new products and processes.

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This project researched the chemical conversion of bioethanol to produce a more valuable commodity chemical, ethylene carbonate, and determine if this conversion is viable
During this research, selective extraction of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) produced several valuable materials.  Using a process developed at the Natural Resources
The objective of this study was to determine potential biomass resources within the Midwest for thermal heating applications in order to provide a “snapshot”
This project looks at different densification technologies throughout the world to bring the most economical and efficient technology to Minnesota. Biomass densification is one
The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), in conjunction with the Center for Producer Owned Energy, Aitkin County Land Department, and the Aitkin County Economic
The AURI Fuels Initiative II Brochure is provided to use as a general comparative guide for agricultural renewable fuels. The evaluated agricultural renewable fuel
Interest in developing biofuels from renewable ingredients, including agricultural products, remains strong. While many developments that are occurring are larger scale, opportunities may not
Among the key issues facing further development of renewable energy in Minnesota is the availability of trained, qualified employees. A Biofuels Needs Assessment was
Wind farms are springing up throughout Minnesota as efforts are made to capture the energy of the wind. While some of these farms and
As the biodiesel industry grows, so does the nation’s supply of glycerin. Refined glycerin is used in thousands of products from food to toothpaste
Minnesota has a growing biodiesel industry, highlighted by several producer-owned plants and more than 60 million gallons of annual production capacity. While the industry