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Research reports

Producing materials from DDGS

Read the complete report: Development and commercialization of a biorefinery for processing DDGS in biofuels and other value-added product

About This Report:

During this research, selective extraction of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) produced several valuable materials.  Using a process developed at the Natural Resources Research Institute and patented by the University of Minnesota, the following materials were produced from DDGS:

  • Corn oil
  • Biodiesel by esterification of extracted corn oil
  • Simple sugars suitable as feed ingredients
  • Additional ethanol by fermentation of extracted sugars
  • High Protein Distillers Grains (HPDG), containing 34% protein and 2% oil
  • Corn Zein


Several valuable materials can be obtained from DDGS using the selective extraction process.  This process may be economically attractive to corn dry-grind ethanol plants.

Project Outcomes:

The patented process described in this project may increase the value of the coproducts from dry grind ethanol plants. Additionally, production of multiple products may provide a more robust business model for ethanol production.