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Research reports

Community Wind Study

Wind farms are springing up throughout Minnesota as efforts are made to capture the energy of the wind. While some of these farms and turbines are owned by utilities, there is growing interest among farmers and others in rural areas in community ownership. Local ownership tends to keep more of the economic benefit grounded in the local community. But this type of ownership is not without perils.

AURI and collaborating partners have produced a handbook to be used as a decision making aid for those interested in pursuing community-based wind projects. This document is designed to provide non site-specific information for community wind development.

View the report: Community Wind Development Handbook

File attached: Community_Wind_Handbook_Appendices.pdf

File attached: SampleProforma_Alice_in_Windyland_October_07.pdf

File attached: SampleProforma-Excel_Spreadsheet-Alice_in_Windyland.xls