Local Foods Market Report

There is growing interest among consumers in knowing the origins of the food they eat. This is also creating opportunities for producers. A market study sponsored by AURI and the Minnesota Farmers Union examines what opportunities exist. File Attached: Local_foods_market_report.pdf

AURI Meat Lab Brochure

Businesses today face no shortage of challenges or competition. That holds true for Minnesota’s meat industry. Low prices and a constantly changing marketplace lead to an uncertain future for many businesses. The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) is here to assist you. File Attached: meat_lab_capabilities_brochure_2006.pdf

Oilseed Executive Summary

Minnesota farmers produce thousands of acres of oilseeds including soybeans, canola, sunflowers and more. But the amount of oilseeds processed in the state is pale in comparison to the amount of oilseeds grown in Minnesota. An AURI study examined emerging opportunities in oilseed processing within the state and identified some potential areas worthy of further investigation. This executive summary reports on the areas which are of most interest at this… Read More »Oilseed Executive Summary

Meat Industry Impact Study

The purpose of this study is to estimate the economic impact of meat/milk processing plants to the state’s economy and community vitality. This study will utilize a regional input-output model (IMPLAN) to estimate the output and employment impacts on all production and support industries. File Attached: meat.pdf