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Pricing and Go-to-Market Guide for Food Products

In an effort to help food entrepreneurs overcome challenges and successfully bring their products to market, AURI now offers a Pricing and Go-to-Market Guide for food Products. This guide can help entrepreneur struggling with the best way to set a price point for their product in a clear, concise and strategic way.

This guide covers the following elements of food pricing:

  • How a food business creates value for consumers with its products, and how value can impact the sell price.
  • The differences between different sales channels in the food industry (i.e., grocery store vs. drug store vs. dollar store vs. warehouse, etc.), and how your sell price may be impacted at each location.
  • How a business’ product cost is different from the value it creates, and how the product’s price is thus impacted.
  • The importance of testing your pricing strategy, and the different testing approaches a business may use to answer their relevant questions.
  • Comparison of product pricing across different food industry sales channels and how the pricing strategy differs from one channel to the next.
  • Provides an example of how product pricing can be used as an innovation strategy in and of itself.
  • The key takeaways in defining a pricing strategy for food products.

To download the complete guidebook, click here.

To download the Food Pricing Worksheet, click here.

In addition, AURI created a series of videos to serve as a companion to the guide. To view the entire series, or individual modules, click on the images below.