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Report on Minnesota Plant Based Proteins for Food

In recent years, the food industry experienced an increasing demand for higher protein products. Looking to the future, experts expect global demand for protein ingredients to nearly double in value by 2025. This increase is due to the escalating consumer awareness and demand for healthy foods. In general, consumers want more protein in their diet.

Because of this customer demand, in conjunction with AURI’s mission to develop new value-added agricultural products, AURI commissioned a report on plant protein options. These are emerging protein sources, with some utilized in the marketplace; meanwhile food producers and entrepreneurs seek information on the nutritional, physiological and functional characteristics of these proteins. There is a need to understand the potential of these proteins to replace traditional protein ingredients (partially or wholly) in various food products to deliver optimal nutrition and functionality. While there has been some research done to characterize plant proteins, available information is far from comprehensive.

The report contains information on plant protein sources that are currently available, emerging, or potentially viable sources of proteins. It summarizes current knowledge, advantages, barriers, and areas requiring further investigation. Additionally, it provides basic information, which helps Minnesota entrepreneurs explore the potential of utilizing various regional plant protein sources in various food applications to address the growing market demand for such products.

To download the complete report, click here.

Individual protein source fact sheets: