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Meat Science Endeavors

AURI assists Minnesota’s food and agriculture companies in the study of meat, including its production, preparation and preservation. AURI provides experts, scientists and creative thinkers to drive innovation and propel solutions within meat science for the benefit of the entire state of Minnesota.

If you have any questions regarding meat science endeavors, please contact our AURI meat scientists and team: Laura Bachmeier- Business Development Director of Meat or Clay Newton- Meat Innovation Specialist or Kim Nesvig- Project Resource Manager.

To learn more about AURI’s meat science efforts, visit the follow links to articles, videos and additional resources:

Overview of 2023 USDA Meat Processing Grants

As a Technical Assistance Provider under the Meat and Poultry Processing Technical Assistance (MPPTA) Network, we encourage applicants to contact AURI, where we can provide a variety of capabilities with assistance at no-cost to meat and poultry processors.

Local Meat Capacity Grant Program
Indigenous Animals Harvesting and Meat Processing Grant

Meat Food Safety Resources

Learn about the importance of implementing a proper HACCP plan in your facility with helpful videos. Overview of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and AURI videos on each of the key principles.

AURI Animal Protein Related Reports and Webinars

Browse the latest research reports and webinars that have resulted from collaborations with AURI Food clients – and search our archives.

AURI Meat Science Capabilities

AURI’s dual inspected laboratory facilities in Marshall, MN are available to clients for hands-on testing and development.

USDA-AMS Cooperative Agreement: Empowering Local and Regional Protein Processing in the Upper Midwest

This program ensures a viable local and regional small-to-medium-scale protein processing industry utilizing a variety of support mechanisms.

USDA-AMS Cooperative Agreement: Meat and Poultry Processing Technical Assistance Program

USDA’s Meat and Poultry Processing Capacity- Technical Assistance Program (MPPTA) ensures that participants in USDA’s Meat and Poultry Supply Chain initiatives have access to a full-range of technical assistance (TA) to support their project development and success.