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AURI Meat Science Capabilities

AURI’s dual-inspected laboratory facilities in Marshall, MN are available to clients for hands-on testing and development. Click on each facility below to get more information on each labs capabilities.

In addition to laboratory capabilities the AURI meat science team offers additional resources to assist clients which include:

  • HACCP/ Food Safety and Inspection Type Coaching
  • Scale up
  • Product Formulation and Validation
  • Packaging
  • Troubleshooting

Also, AURI’s facilities provide the following equipment items:

  • Cube steak tenderizer
  • 5 and 10 lb verticle stuffers
  • Warner-Bratzler Meat Shear
  • Vacuum Mixer
  • Grinder
  • Bandsaw
  • 50 lb pneumatic stuffer
  • 30lb bowl chopper
  • Brine pump