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Concentrated high intensity electric field (CHIEF) pasteurization of milk

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Development of Stable Flavored Whey Protein Beverages (Supported by AURI)
Concentrated high intensity electric field (CHIEF) pasteurization of milk
Non-thermal plasma pasteurization of milk using plasma technology (phase II)

About this report:

Whey is a protein‐rich liquid component of milk that is produced as a byproduct of the cheesemaking. The health benefits of consuming whey have been recognized, and the use of whey has been expanded to many functional foods. Whey protein is unstable when subjected to heat. Our innovative concentrated high electric field (CHIEF) process kills microbes in liquid non‐thermally.


The results clearly suggested that a CHIEF treatment has the potential to deliver similar microbial inactivation effectiveness as a standard HTST pasteurization system, and should provide a solution for whey beverage process.

Project outcomes:

Dairy industry in MN generate large amounts of whey from cheese making. Innovative utilization of whey will bring extra income to dairy producers and processors.


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