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Nutrition Label Calculator

Below you will find a downloadable spreadsheet “calculator” that can generate weight percent-based nutrition facts on more complex finished product blends (customizable up to 5 grain ingredients). To identify individual serving nutrition for use in this calculator, click here for a library of 50 downloadable nutrition facts panels in PDF form based on AGC member products and generated using the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Food Composition Database or other verified data sources.

To use the calculator, download the spreadsheet onto your computer and fill in the weight-based percentage composition of your grain or flour blend (up to 5 ingredients). The calculator will then generate compiled nutrition facts information on both a 100-gram basis and a serving size basis. You can then input the nutrition information based on the serving size into a low cost/free, publicly available nutrition label generators for a user-friendly experience that does not require expensive labeling services. Examples of nutrition label generators include:

Please note, the serving size gram weight is pre-populated in the calculator, at 30 grams for flour blends, 45 grams for whole grain blends, and 35 grams for legumes (according to FDA reference amounts for these product types) This can be adjusted simply by entering a new serving size (in grams) into the indicated cell.

*Disclaimer: The nutrition facts label provided by AURI is calculated based on nutrient ingredient library values. Any changes to the product blends will impact the nutrition facts. While AURI makes every effort to provide accurate nutrition information, the brand owner, according to the FDA, is solely responsible for the accuracy of the label. For confirmation, consult a certified laboratory to validate nutritional values through product testing AURI shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from the sale, handling, contact, use, or consumption of any product.