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Nutritional Facts Panels Database

Below you will find a database of 50 downloadable nutrition facts panels in PDF form based on AGC member products and generated using the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Food Composition Database or other verified data sources.

To use the database*, simply download the appropriate PDF nutrition facts panel and fill in the number of servings per container and the consumer measure (i.e., the cup or tablespoon amount) associated with the serving size into this calculator.


Milled Products:

Barley Flour, Whole Grain

Bread Flour, High Extraction

Bread Flour, Whole Grain

Buckwheat Flour, Whole Grain

Cornmeal, White/Grits

Cornmeal, White Whole Grain

Cornmeal, Yellow/Polenta

Cornmeal, Yellow/Grits

Cornmeal, Yellow Whole Grain

Einkorn Flour, Whole Grain

Emmer Flour, Whole Grain

Kernza Flour, Whole Grain

Oat Flour, Whole Grain

Rye Flour

Sorghum Flour, Whole Grain

Spelt Flour, White

Spelt Flour, Whole Grain

Teff Flour, Whole Grain

Wheat Flour, All Purpose Unenriched

Wheat Flour, Whole Grain Pastry

Wheat Flour, Turkey Red High Extraction


Whole Grain Products:

Arikara, Whole Bean

Barley, Hulled Grain

Black Turtle, Whole Bean

Buckwheat, Whole Grain

Corn, White or Yellow Popcorn

Corn, White or Yellow

Cranberry, Whole Bean

Flaxseed, Whole Grain

Kernza, Grain

Kidney, Whole Bean

Millet, Grain

Oats, Grain

Small Red, Whole Bean

Sorghum, Whole Grain

Soybean, Grain

Spelt, Grain

Sunflower, Dried Kernels

Teff, Grain

Wheat, Hard Red Spring Grain

Wheat, Hard Red Winter Grain

Wheat, Hard White Spring Grain

Wheat, Soft Red Winter Grain

Wheat, Soft White Winter Grain

Wild Rice, Grain

*Disclaimer: The nutrition facts label provided by AURI is calculated based on nutrient ingredient database values. Any changes to the product blends will impact the nutrition facts. While AURI makes every effort to provide accurate nutrition information, the brand owner, according to the FDA, is solely responsible for the accuracy of the label. For confirmation, consult a certified laboratory to validate nutritional values through product testing AURI shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from the sale, handling, contact, use, or consumption of any product.