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Today’s consumers are health-conscious and busy, demanding convenient and wholesome foods, and food safety is more important to consumers than ever.

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Our new guide outlines the many resources available to Food clients
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AURI’s Food Team

AURI's Food scientists are available to provide consulting and technical services in the areas of: Product and process development; Product evaluation and testing; Sourcing materials, equipment and services. Continue Reading AURI’s Food Team

Food Facilities and Resources

AURI's laboratories are available to clients for hands-on testing and development. Click on a facility below to get more information about each lab's capabilities. Continue Reading Food Facilities and Resources

Food Business Toolbox

Browse our collection of AURI publications for Food clients.

Food-focused Research

Browse the latest research reports that have resulted from collaborations with AURI Food clients – and search our archives.

Minnesota Hmong American farmers

Food Success Stories

Learn how AURI can work with you by reading the success stories of past and current Food clients.

Food Projects in the News

Read about the latest developments regarding AURI’s Food clients.

Food FAQs

Have questions about AURI services for Food clients? We’ve answered them here.

Meat Science

AURI assists Minnesota’s food and agriculture companies in the study of meat, including its production, preparation and preservation. AURI provides experts, scientists and creative thinkers to drive innovation and propel solutions within meat science for the benefit of the entire state of Minnesota.