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AURI’s Food Team

AURI’s Food scientists are available to provide consulting and technical services in the areas of:

  • Product and process development
  • Product evaluation and testing
  • Sourcing materials, equipment and services

Photo of Lolly Occhino

Lolly Occhino

Senior Scientist, Food
218.281.7600 ext. 115 Continue Reading Lolly Occhino

Photo of Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

Business Development Director-Food
218.281.7600 ext. 119 Continue Reading Jason Robinson

Photo of Michael Stutelberg

Michael Stutelberg, Ph.D.

Scientist, Chemistry
218.281.7600 ext. 135 Continue Reading Michael Stutelberg, Ph.D.

Photo of Ben Swanson

Ben Swanson

Scientist of Food & Nutrition
218.281.7600 ext. 133 Continue Reading Ben Swanson