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Open Agribusiness AURI Board Seat

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) seeks a diverse and highly skilled candidate, representing an agribusiness, to serve on its governing Board of Directors. AURI board members have strong interest in improving the food and value-added agriculture industry and are committed to the organization’s values, including respect, dedication, teamwork, trust, resourcefulness, enthusiasm and safety.

The ideal candidate for the open board seat should demonstrate those values and bring experience in business commercialization and leadership as they relate to AURI’s mission (see below). Each Board of Director seat is elected to a three-year term with a time commitment of up to seven meetings per year and some industry-related activities, which occur at various locations throughout Minnesota. To download a summary of the board position, click here.

About AURI
AURI’s mission is to foster long-term economic benefit for Minnesota through value-added agricultural products. The vision is empowering the commercialization of innovative value add food and agriculture ideas. The organization strives to find new uses for traditional, unexplored or overlooked agricultural resources. AURI partners with businesses, entrepreneurs and various organizations to bring ideas to reality for the purpose of increasing commodity utilization, product viability and market expansion.
Application Instructions Candidates will submit a resume, brief biography and letter of interest by December 5, 2018. Organizations recommending an individual should send a letter of support by the same date. Election for the open seat will occur during the AURI Board of Directors meeting on January 17, 2019.

For questions, please contact
• Linda Thompson, Organizational Development Director, or 218.281.7600
• Jerry Hasnedl, Nominating Committee Chair, or 218.684.5142

The letters of support and candidate information may be sent by email or U.S. mail as listed below:
U.S. Postal Address: AURI
Attention: Angela Owens, HR & Administrative Assistant
510 County Road 71, Suite 120
Crookston, MN 56716
AURI is an Equal Opportunity organization and welcomes diverse backgrounds.