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Ag Innovation News

Oct–Dec, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 4

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately October of 2003.

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Golden Valley, Minn. – Doug Van Thorre, president of Biorefining, Inc., was presented an “Innovator of the Year” award by the business and financial
To be a trendy 21st century food product, touting vitamins and minerals alone won’t cut it. Chances are better if heart- healthy, anti-oxidant, cholesterol-lowering
Bird Island – From fuel to folic acid, navy bean growers are looking for ways to gain more value than they now get from
These days, we frequently have to "multi-task" several jobs at once. Now we expect that from our farm crops, too. The hottest food trend
Glenville, Minn. – So much for the lazy days of summer. During June and July, farmer-members of the SoyMor cooperative hustled to raise $6