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These days, we frequently have to "multi-task" several jobs at once. Now we expect that from our farm crops, too. The hottest food trend today is all about "function" – nutritional performance that goes beyond the basics to preventing and treating disease. We have found some interesting Web sites from around the globe that feature functional foods. Check out the latest on nutraceutical markets and research. And don’t forget to visit for more agricultural news and updates.

Nutrition & Functional Foods Network

Located on’s Web site, the Nutrition & Functional Foods Network provides valuable, up-to-date information on various functional foods topics. Launched from Great Britain, the site includes free sections for all browsers to access research updates and industry news, plus a news archive. Also, browsers can sign up for a free weekly functional-food news update. Network members receive even more benefits, such as two newsletters, new product development information and market statistics.

New Hope

This site, designed for functional foods businesses, includes news on marketing, science and future trends. Businesses can sign-up online for a free subscription to Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals, an international publication with in-depth news and analysis, business and marketing trends, product and ingredient information, and the latest scientific research.

Prepared Foods

If you want food news, check this out. Prepared Foods’ searchable site includes a section devoted to functional foods, complete with news features, new products, briefs and statistics. Search for information on a range of agricultural topics, sign up for a free subscription to the Prepared Foods publication, or link to industry resources.

Nutraceutical & Functional Food Buyer’s Guide 2003

The Institute of Foods Technologists ( has an online version of the Nutraceutical & Functional Food Buyer’s Guide for 2003. More than 100 companies provide functional food ingredients in 16 categories. Browsers can search through this helpful supplier database by category or company name.

Nutraceuticals World

This site is a companion to the Nutraceuticals World magazine, which publishes 10 issues per year. It features manufacturers of dietary supplements, functional foods and nutritional beverages. The magazine covers national trends, new technologies, product and market sourcing, and trade show information. The Web site is filled with resources, including company profiles, product and service literature, a guide to Web resources and more. A free subscription to Nutraceuticals World and a helpful media and advertising guide is available to qualifying readers from the nutraceuticals industry.

Functional Foods and Drinks Information Sheet

If you are hungry for information, but don’t have much time, this research sheet is the fast-functional-food stop that will satisfy your appetite. Sourced from the Institute of Food Research, it includes functional food basics – what they are, where they are found in the marketplace, regulations and the validity of claims. This is a great resource for those who want a quick, simple read.