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Ag Innovation News celebrates 20th birthday

This issue marks the 20th anniversary of Ag Innovation News, AURI’s flagship publication. The quarterly newspaper was designed in 1991 when one of AURI’s early board members, Ralph Prescher of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, suggested that AURI be a comprehensive source of news about value-added agricultural developments.

Photo by Rolf Hagberg

In the inaugural January 1992 edition, Richard Nelson, then AURI’s executive director, wrote: “Four times each year, these pages will offer a sampling of AURI’s accomplishments in ag product commercialization, technology transfer and applied research. …There will also be news of important progress in agricultural utilization wherever it occurs.” Along with news of AURI projects and activities, the first issue featured “New Uses Roundup — around the nation and the world.” The regular feature later became “Elsewhere in ag innovations,” and continues to offer news of ag product developments around the globe.

The newspaper is designed to make research and technical information easy to read and enjoyable for the average user. From an initial subscription list of 4,000, it has grown to reach more than 12,000 print and online readers every quarter, covering AURI’s work in the development of new food products, renewable energy, biobased products and new uses for agricultural coproducts.

“I can’t count the number of times people have told me how much they love our newspaper,” says Teresa Spaeth, AURI executive director. “Ag Innovation News brings to life the good work that is being done in our laboratories and in our clients’ businesses. … The stories in these pages highlight the opportunities, innovations and future of agriculture.”