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Partnering for Progress

–by Teresa Spaeth, AURI Executive Director

 I recently came across this quote by Napoleon Hill, who is considered to be a great author on the topic of success, and it struck me because it sums up what AURI is all about. Our passion is helping Minnesota businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers succeed; and in order to do this effectively, we work with organizations across the state and country that bring to the table skills and expertise that complement those of AURI.

Our partnerships and collaborations range from organizations that offer grants and funding to those that provide services and networking; all of which are essential to the success of our clients.

In this issue, you’ll read several examples of partnerships that have been essential to success. Here are a few highlights:

  • USDA: AURI recently was awarded a $68,000 grant from the USDA to help with the continued development of rural cooperatives; work AURI has been doing for several years. In addition, Clearbrook Elevator received a USDA Value-Added Producer Grant that was essential to their success.
  • U of M: In this newspaper, you’ll most often read about the research we do in collaboration with the University, but in this issue you’ll see another way we partner—by sharing space. AURI now has offices on the University’s St. Paul campus, as well as at University locations in Crookston and Waseca.
  • Private research organizations: In the article on possible new uses of wheat and barley, you’ll see how AURI partnered with Neil Doty of N.C. Doty & Associates and the Praxis Strategy Group to conduct the necessary research.
  • Economic development organizations: In several articles are examples of collaboration between economic development organizations and AURI in order to build success for all of the involved partners. Collaborators highlighted in this issue include the Fergus Falls Economic Development Improvement Commission and Cooperative Development Services.

By helping other organizations succeed in their work, and thereby helping our clients succeed, we are building a stronger Minnesota.