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January 2020

Hemp Has Potential Opportunities for Red River Valley

    By Paige Rudick, Wahpeton Daily News The Economic Development Association of Rothsay, Minnesota, gathered at Big J’s Smokehouse on Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020 to share information about the hemp market and what that can provide for local opportunities. This meeting invited growers, entrepreneurs and experts to discuss the landscape of the growing hemp industry, the emerging opportunities for communities and for growers as well as challenges this industry poses. Read more here.

    How Food Entrepreneurs Drive Package Innovation

      By Claire Koelsch Sand and Jamie Valenti-Jordan, Food Technology Magazine Although the number of start-ups in the food industry is much smaller than the number of established food com-panies, the comparatively high growth of startups sparks inter-est. That interest manifests itself in established food companies purchasing successful startups and accelerators finding capital investment for new packaged food concepts while investment in new products developed in- house has decreased. For the safe… Continue Reading How Food Entrepreneurs Drive Package Innovation