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November 7, 2012

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute announces 2013 research initiatives

    Sixteen projects will identify new and improved uses for Minnesota’s agriculture commodities The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) recently announced its research initiatives for 2013. The 16 projects in the organization’s core four focus areas—renewable energy, biobased products, coproducts and food—aim to create new and improved products and processes in Minnesota’s agriculture industry. “Agriculture is critical to the strength of Minnesota’s economy. It is the second largest employer in the… Continue Reading Agricultural Utilization Research Institute announces 2013 research initiatives

    Renewable Energy Initiatives

      Biomethane from Producer Gas Assessment Producer gas from anaerobic digesters and other renewable sources is often insufficiently pure for fueling electrical generation systems, for delivery to the natural gas network through the existing pipelines or for conversion to hydrogen and ultimately ammonia. AURI will review the available clean-up technology and identify resources that could be utilized to address these limitations and communicate conclusions to the industry. Ethanol Plant Zero Liquid… Continue Reading Renewable Energy Initiatives

      Food Initiatives

        Clean Label Alternatives Report Today’s consumers are paying closer attention than ever to where their food comes from and how it’s made; they want clean labels, meaning that they don’t want ingredients that sound artificial, chemical or processed. However, it is often those products that play a very functional role in the food product and are often times critical to food safety. AURI will identify alternative ingredients that are more… Continue Reading Food Initiatives

        Coproducts Initiatives

          Health Benefits of Biomass Heat in Turkey Barns This research will determine the air quality, bird health, litter quality and overall environmental conditions of turkey barns that use a biomass heating system in comparison to barns that use conventional propane-fired systems that are not vented. Coproducts Assessment This project will determine potential value-added opportunities for coproducts (secondary products developed from a core product or process) that are undervalued or underutilized.… Continue Reading Coproducts Initiatives

          Biobased Products Initiatives

            Biobased Industry Needs Assessment Biobased products are growing in demand. This project will identify and create a contact database of key biobased products, service providers and companies in order to identify what is needed to assist with the development of this industry. Opportunities for Biobased Coatings Biobased coatings may present a significant opportunity for Minnesota businesses. The current scientific and technical literature contains reports of these opportunities, which may not… Continue Reading Biobased Products Initiatives