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Artisan Cheese: A Tasty Trend


Americans love cheese. In fact, the USDA says U.S. cheese consumption is up 42 percent in the past 25 years. The average American consumes more than 33 pounds of cheese each year, still less than half of the nearly 72 pounds per year consumed by people in Greece and nearly 53 pounds by the French.

Cheddar is still by far the best selling cheese in the U.S., but specialty and artisan cheeses are very popular, especially with millennial consumers.

“U.S. cheese consumption is at an all-time high and evolving,” says Donna O’Connor, AURI food and nutrition scientist. “One emerging trend is that consumers are reaching for artisan cheeses at a rapidly increasing pace.”

Two Minnesota entrepreneurs are more than happy to contribute to that growth with some unique, locally produced offerings.

Running time: 2:23