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Minnesota landscape and nursery industry economic impact study

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Read the full report: Minnesota Landscape and Nursery Industry Economic Impact Study

About this report:

A recent survey, sponsored by the Minnesota Landscape and Nursery Association (MNLA) and AURI, found that nursery and landscape businesses in Minnesota have experienced substantial change in the last 5 to 10 years.  A major economic recession hit the housing sector particularly hard, and with it a boom in retail nursery  goods and landscaping services in the early part of the previous decade dissolved…Growth has been slow, which is expected due to the correlation between landscape and nursery business and the housing market, but members overall have positive outlooks for future growth. MNLA members create over 42,000 full-time, part-time, and seasonal jobs each year.  Their activities led to over $1.9 billion in direct sales.

Project outcomes:

Landscape and nursery businesses are an invaluable resource for Minnesota’s economy. In addition to the beauty they add to Minnesota’s landscape, the seasonal and full-time jobs they create provide opportunities for Minnesota workers. Exports to other states and countries provide additional economic activity while utilizing Minnesota’s endowment of natural resources and technological expertise. In total, landscape and nursery business activities are responsible for over $3.5 billion in total economic activity.


Minnesota Landscape and Nursery Association


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