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Enhancing the functionality of delactosed whey: adding value for dairy and meat producers

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About this report:

An increasing amount of whey is available world-wide due to increasing cheese production. Scientists have been working to identify beneficial components of whey to be functional and nutritional enhancers in food products. The use of Delactosed whey (DLW) , a coproduct produced after the removal of lactose from whey protein is currently limited in various food applications. Amplifying the functionality of the protein fraction (26-33%) of DLW could lead to expanded use of such product. Given that limited enzymatic hydrolysis can improve the functional properties of whey proteins in general, it is hypothesized that subjecting DLW to enzymatic proteolysis will lead to enhanced functionality. In order to achieve the desired functionality enhancement, hydrolysis parameters and conditions need to be optimized. Response surface methodology approach will be pursued to identify the best conditions that will lead to a directed enhancement in several functional properties. Functionality enhancement that will be suitable for a processed meat application will be targeted.


Overall, results indicated that DLW subjected to controlled and limited/moderate hydrolysis can easily replace whey protein isolates in processed meat applications. The use of hydrolyzed DLW in meat products will result in a dual benefit to both the dairy industry through adding value to a dairy coproduct, and to the meat industry by reducing cost.

Project outcomes:

If whey can be utilized in more food products, it will ultimately benefit the dairy industry through an increased value of whey.


Midwest Dairy Association


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