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Research reports

Mid-Project Preliminary Research Report: Dairy Digester System

About This Report

This report gives an update on proposed enhancements to the dairy digester system.

Project Objectives

  1. The manure influent system has been re‐built and is now more reliable with very little maintenance. The overall performance of the new pump has been a success giving enhanced reliability to the
    digester system.
  2. The effluent system of the digester has unique issues that had led to poor solids recovery from the separator, accelerated building decay and hazardous fumes in close proximity to the barn. Upon further discussion of the effluent system and the need for more bedding solids, it was decided to separate the raw solids and compost them in a separate building away from the barn.
  3. The gen-set has been re-furbished to the latest version. It is hoped that these updates will eliminate the interruptions in generation at the site.


Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council, Jer-Lindy Dairy