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Road to IMPACT 2021

Event: Road to IMPACT 2021 – Renewable Materials in Sustainable Building Products

When: Thu, August 20, 2020 at 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM CDT

Registration: Event Info & Registration Here (Use code 50AURI2020 for a discounted rate.)

The session is designed to give participants an understanding of sustainable and renewable construction materials available in the marketplace and introduce participants to new and upcoming materials that can be used for construction. The session will cover: 1) sustainable materials and renewable materials in the marketplace; 2) how sustainable and renewable materials can best be used; 3) how sustainable and renewable materials fit into building design; and 4) information related to economics, health and well-being, and overall purpose in building design.

New information to be covered will deal with various agriculture fibers that can be used in construction roofing materials now available, sustainable and renewable sealants for parking lots, and innovative and exciting insulations that are earth-friendly, biobased and sustainable. We will also focus on VOC-free surfaces and counters, biobased paints, bio-composites, and introduce the audience to new and upcoming Hemp Crete applications.



Harold Stanislawski, MS, Business Development Director, Agricultural Utilization Research Institute


Karen Coble Edwards, Consultant, United Soybean Board/KCE Public Affairs Associates

Brent Aufdembrink, Ph.D., Cargill/Global Director of Industrial Application Technology, Cargill BioIndustrial

Todd Mathewson, Director of Market Development, Just BioFiber

Dean Dovolis, MAUD, DJR Architecture