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Midwest Biomass Exchange Webinar

Event: Midwest Biomass Exchange Webinar

When: Tuesday 21 July 2020, 12:00 PM – 01:30 PM

Registration: Event Info & Registration Here

Please join us for a free webinar on how to market woody- and agricultural-residues using an internet marketplace!

Millions of tons of wood residues are produced each year by sawmills, millwork and pallet shops, utility line maintenance and tree care companies. The same is true for ag residues with millions of tons available from primary crops residues as well from other residues and processing wastes. It all has to go somewhere – either pay for disposal, or sell them to defray costs and add to your revenue stream. But marketing residues takes work to develop contacts and build customer relationships. The Midwest Biomass Exchange ( is a free internet market place developed to help buyers and sellers of woody- and agricultural- biomass connect. The Exchange was developed by Heating the Midwest to help promote use of biomass as fuel, and a variety of other products. Learn more about the type of biomass products that can be marketed through the Exchange in a free 45 minute webinar.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Buyers and sellers of wood- and agricultural residues or biomass, such as sawmills, millwork shops, pallet producers, tree care companies, arborists, firewood producers, pellet manufacturers, biomass utilization facilities, farmers, loggers, mulch and compost manufacturers.