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Renewable Energy Initiatives

Biomethane from Producer Gas Assessment
Producer gas from anaerobic digesters and other renewable sources is often insufficiently pure for fueling electrical generation systems, for delivery to the natural gas network through the existing pipelines or for conversion to hydrogen and ultimately ammonia. AURI will review the available clean-up technology and identify resources that could be utilized to address these limitations and communicate conclusions to the industry.

Ethanol Plant Zero Liquid Discharge
This initiative would look at what will be needed to make all of Minnesota ethanol plants zero liquid discharge facilities. This project will compile a list of technologies and retrofitting costs, and compare those to the regulatory and waste handling costs currently in place with most plants.

Biofuels in Minnesota
Minnesota’s biofuels industry, which includes producers of biodiesel, ethanol, butanol, biomass and other biofuels, are important utilizers of agricultural commodities and coproducts. AURI will continue to support these industries by participating on various taskforces, councils and advisory groups to assist with further development in this industry.

Biodiesel Troubleshooting
The Minnesota biodiesel industry has been troubled by occasional cold-weather handling issues. AURI will continue to provide laboratory analysis of fuel and filter samples to determine the cause of plugged filters and other problems in diesel vehicles. This service encourages greater incorporation of biodiesel into on-road diesel fuels.