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Coproducts Initiatives

Health Benefits of Biomass Heat in Turkey Barns
This research will determine the air quality, bird health, litter quality and overall environmental conditions of turkey barns that use a biomass heating system in comparison to barns that use conventional propane-fired systems that are not vented.

Coproducts Assessment
This project will determine potential value-added opportunities for coproducts (secondary products developed from a core product or process) that are undervalued or underutilized. Phase I will identify and quantify the waste streams. Phase II will characterize the coproducts and provide recommendations for value-added uses and collaboration opportunities to further utilize the waste streams.

Identifying lower cost grain processing coproducts for swine diets
The objective of this study is to determine the ideal ratio of condensed distiller’s solubles (CDS) to wet distillers’ grains (WDG) when feeding pigs via a liquid feeding system from wean to finish with a focus on lowering costs for swine producers.