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Ag Innovation Quiz

1. How much does a Minnesota grass seed business expect to save in electricity and waste disposal charges each year by installing a gasification system?

A. $30,000

B. $12,500

C. $60,000


2. About how many acres of grass seed are grown in Minnesota?

A. 5,000

B. 60,000

C. 1.3 million


3. For use by what animal was the new Swheat Stall horse bedding originally patented?

A. Cats

B. Hamsters

C. Iguanas

4. About how many organizations have taken part in Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Roundtable?

A. 23

B. 60

C. 11

5. What was the purpose of the Minnesota Cooks program at the Minnesota State Fair?

A. Highlight and connect consumers with locally-grown food

B. Offer healthy fair food alternatives

C. Share new recipes

6. What is a key limiting factor in biomass pellet development?

A. Sourcing raw materials

B. Workable economics

C. Equipment

7. What is “Buff Stuff?”

A. Car wax

B. Bison polish

C. Composted bison manure

8. What is the purpose of AURI’s initiatives?

A. Investigate potentially large impact emerging trends

B. Assist growers with priority issues

C. All of the above

ANSWERS: c, b, a, b, a, b, c, d