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AURI Ag Innovation Quiz

1. What ag processing leftover is being evaluated for its fertilizer potential?

A. Ash

B. Corn silks

C. Oat hulls

2. How much biomass will the CVEC gasifier consume per day?

A. 1,000 pounds

B. 35-70 tons

C. 11 tons

3. What is the focus of all AURI efforts and projects?

A. Intensions

B. Convention

C. Innovation

4. What are the ingredients necessary for a successful biomass-energy sector according to one AURI staffer?

A. Blood, sweat, tears

B. Feedstocks, research and end users

C. Pepperoni, sausage and extra cheese

5. What is the primary ingredient in most Renaissance Fertilizer products?

A. Feather meal

B. Glycerin

C. Soybeans

6. Why are many jobs in the biofuels industry call ‘gold collar’ jobs?

A. It’s the dress code

B. They require both thinking and doing

C. All require doctorate degrees

7. What town in West Central Minnesota is home to both an innovative ethanol plant and the nation’s first poultry litter-powered electrical generation facility?

A. Bellingham

B. Belgrade

C. Benson

8. What farcical innovation did Alex Cirillo use to illustrate the point that true innovations must have a demand?

A. The automatic dog polisher

B. The Swiss Army couch

C. The perpetual motion machine

ANSWERS: 1) A; 2) B; 3) C; 4) B; 5) C; 6) B; 7) C; 8) B