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Ag sites on the Internet


Here’s another potpourri of Minnesota-based sites for Internet aficionados. Expand your knowledge base, find something you want to buy, or just stay entertained for a while. And stop by AURI to see our newly remodeled look at

MIPM resource

Ah, remember summer? Warm days, cool nights and … bugs ready to devour anything planted in the fields. “VegEdge” was created to help solve pesky pest problems. Bill Hutchison and Suzanne Wold of the University of Minnesota entomology department maintain the site to assist Midwest vegetable growers, processors and crop consultants with timely pest information. Integrated pest management tools include pest fact sheets, forecast maps, newsletters and state-by-state pest reports.

Farm tours

By offering on-farm educational events, Snow Valley Farms caters to those who want to understand natural prime beef production. Visit this site for information on how to participate in a family farm day. See how cattle are raised, help with feeding and watering animals, attend “Hamburger University” to find out about beef cuts, or try horse and donkey school before wandering through gardens, orchards and vineyards.

Go where the auction is

This is an impressive listing of upcoming auctions in Iowa and Minnesota. Bookmark this place to check updates often. Aghotline auctions sell everything from farm equipment to antiques and household goods to real estate. A “click-and-go” site — perfect for those who want to get straight to select information.

Dedicated to healthy soil

International Ag Labs improves crop quality through nourishing and returning essential microbes to the soil. Soil problems are solved using Dr. Carey Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization. Reams was a soil scientist who viewed the soil as a living part of the environment, and staff at International Ag Labs carry on his efforts today. The company offers a wide range of services, including soil, plant tissue and water analysis.

Gardening up north

Few know the trials and joys of gardening in a northern climate better than Master Gardener Terry Yockey. A columnist and 21-year veteran of Minnesota gardening, her site includes photographs of her and others’ work, articles and tips, a forum where gardeners can trade questions and advice about short-season gardening in northern climes, and much more. A great resource for anyone interested in northern horticulture — even if you live in Alaska.

Soybean news

Everything you need to know about soybeans and the soybean industry can likely be found at this American Soybean Association Web site. News articles, legislative alerts and updates, soybean projects, markets and biodiesel promotion are just a few of the many issues covered. A community center and discussion forum also offer visitors the chance to connect with soy experts.

Pig pages

A plethora of sites feature pigs — but how to find the page you need? NetVet’s made the search process simple by arranging a gigantic list of pig-related links by category, such as producer organizations, health issues, farm and pets. Want info on a different animal? Click on another species from the bottom of the page and you’re off to another list.

A virtual horse ranch

This virtual horse ranch, featuring Maple Ridge Farm of Bemidji, Minn., delivers high-quality, low-cost advertising for horse sellers. The site showcases photographs and descriptions and puts buyers in direct contact with sellers via the Web. Free classified listings are available for horse-related merchandise and services, and soon visitors will also be able to link to a variety of horse-y sites and read horse ranch reviews.