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Ag Innovation News

Jul–Sep, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 3

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately July of 2009.

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In the food-distribution business, it’s no longer a small, small world. Food companies used to be able to buy small volumes of locally-grown products
Why do consumers buy “local” foods? By far the most important reason is to get better quality, says University of Minnesota economist Robert King,
Apple Valley, Minn. — Gary Pahl grows more than 1,000 acres of vegetables and flowers in Dakota County. But that’s just his seasonal job.
Montevideo, Minn. — David Eid, a former corn farmer who grew up in sugar-beet country, is championing sweet sorghum for fuel. Why advocate growing
North Mankato, Minn. — Minnesota’s biodiesel consumption got a power boost this spring when the state’s requirement for biodiesel blends more than doubled. Beginning