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Ag Innovation News

Jul–Sep, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 3

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately July of 2002.

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As Webster puts it, innovation is the “introduction of something new.” Sounds simple enough, but being truly innovative is an arduous task. In business,
Montrose, Minn. — Dan Conroy and Gary Sterner prefer to eat their barbecue bare naked. The two entrepreneurs market smoked pork ribs sans barbecue
Editor’s note: This is the third installment in a series exploring AURI services to Minnesota. The first segment surveyed AURI’s mission and projects; the
Got a new product? Let it prove itself. Todd Sisson, who manages AURI’s pilot plant in Crookston, runs trial batches of food and ag-based
Jack Johnson and Al Doering know how to use leftovers. Turning vegetable peels into fertilizer, wood fibers into mulch, and cow manure into electricity
New Prague, Minn. — Sometimes little things make the biggest differences. For Dave and Florence Minar, it was letting their cows eat grass. That
Crookston, Minn. — Keeping a close watch on a costly potato pest has saved growers up to $6 million so far, says Duane Maatz
Looking for ways to reduce on-farm pesticide applications, AURI’s PRO grant recipients will continue work begun in 2001 on a variety of agricultural products,
What’s going on in world trade? If you’re running a business, work for a business involved in foreign markets, or just want to know
Cook, Minn. — Minnesota forestry and agricultural industries are helping the state’s steel industry process taconite. As an alternative to oil, natural gas and