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Ag Innovation News

Jul–Sep, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 3

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately July of 2001.

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Marshall, Minn. — More than 30 Minnesota meat processors, seeking to be a cut above the competition, attended an AURI-sponsored meat processing short course
Power has its price. To run our cars, computers, homes, farms and businesses, our incomes are increasingly consumed by energy costs. The price of
  Princeton, Minn. — For a time last winter, Dennis Haubenschild’s dairy cows were earning him 40 cents a day from their milk and
  If ethanol producer credits were to be extended, wheat and barley farmers could benefit, an AURI-sponsored study reveals. Currently, producer credits are limited
  The list of Minnesota-based ag organizations is extensive, but there are a few below you may not have heard about. Some Minnesota ag-related
  Detroit Lakes, Minn. — “Gotta be patient,” Mike Hughes murmured to himself while technicians, construction workers and AURI staff put the fine-tuning touches