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Ag Innovation News

Jan–Mar, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 1

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately January of 2011.

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Barley isn’t just for beer and breakfast anymore. Research confirms that a natural enzyme in barley straw inhibits odor. “We’ve seen barley straw used
Minnetonka, Minn. — Theresa Oslund began baking as a child, learning from her grandmother’s expertise. As a grown-up, she developed her own specialties, including
Minneapolis, Minn. — Nearly every morning, a barely-noticed battalion of trucks crisscross the streets and alleys of Minneapolis gobbling up glass, plastic, aluminum and
Benson, Minn. — The phosphate, potash and sulfur in NAFmicro fertilizer aren’t mined overseas — they’re Minnesota grown. North American Fertilizer LLC sells 110,000
Ashes from two types of incinerated biomass are a good alternative to conventional fertilizer, according to recent University of Minnesota research. The nutrient content
Corn Plus — a 40-million-gallon corn ethanol plant that runs on biomass power — sells out of its renewable ash fertilizer a year or
Willmar, Minn. — Enquiring eyes watched with curious anticipation as the towering Micronex Kinetic Disintegration System growled into gear. The dryer system, recently installed
While agricultural commodities have nearly endless uses, including fuel and industrial products, their primary use is still food. Our food choices can be a
Marshall, Minn. — Consumer tastes that constantly change are a challenge for most retailers, marketers and product developers. But those who understand their customers