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headshot of Carissa Nath

AURI Staff Profile


Carissa Nath is AURI’s go-to person on meat projects. The Texas native has been with AURI for more than a year, helping processors and entrepreneurs develop meat products out of

the Marshall office and meat lab.

Where did you get your education?

I earned my undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock and my master’s degree from South Dakota State University in Brookings.

What are your primary responsibilities at AURI?

I operate and coordinate activities of AURI’s USDA-inspected meat lab facility. I also develop and manage client projects in meat product development.

What interested you in working in the meat industry?

I first became interested in the meat industry through my involvement in intercollegiate meat judging. I also worked in the meat safety lab during my undergraduate career and assisted with meat science research projects. I think working in the meat industry is exciting and very rewarding.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Assisting clients with product development is both challenging and rewarding. It is also great that everyday is something different — it doesn’t get boring.