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Ag Innovation News

Jan–Mar, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 1

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately January of 2004.

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  Louisville, Kentucky – AURI client Joshua Zeithamer of Alexandria, Minn. has been named the American Star in Agribusiness by the National FFA Organization.
AURI, poised to be a national leader in renewable energy, is launching the Center for Producer-Owned Energy. With a $1 million federal grant and
Several producer-owned and private companies, involved in renewable energy production and distribution, supported AURI’s bid for federal funding of the Center for Producer Owned
Ethanol:   In 1992, the State of Minnesota set a goal of replacing 10 percent of the state’s gasoline with domestically-produced ethanol. The state
  Brewster, Minn. – Steam billowed into the cool December air as the Minnesota Soybean Processors cooperative fired up its newly-constructed soybean crushing plant.
  Medina, Minn. – Residents of Minnesota’s most populous county may soon notice something missing – the unpleasant smell of diesel exhaust. Hennepin County


How do fuel cells work? Fuel cells create energy, not by burning, but by an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen, oxygen, and a catalyst. Like
Minnesota has no coal or oil deposits, but someday the state could produce plenty of homegrown hydrogen from its abundant agricultural products. Renewable hydrogen
Is it economical for Minnesota communities to turn waste into power? AURI now has a tool to help find the answer. Anaerobic digesters that
Renewable energy is one of the hottest discussion topics around AURI, especially since the Institute was selected as one of 10 national sites to
Waseca, Minn. – Skinny sticks with sporadic tufts of brown and gold leaves, five-foot willow shrubs stretch skyward, soaking up the last rays of