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Part of the Solution

It’s not hard to spot problems these days. Many sectors of the U.S. economy are struggling, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, money is tight for many families, and it appears that difficult times will be with us awhile longer.

Problems are easy to see; solutions are harder to find.

For 20 years now, AURI has identified solutions. By helping Minnesota businesses find value-added opportunities for ag products, AURI has bolstered the state’s agricultural industry. Innovations have led to new jobs and economic activity that help smooth out economic peaks and valleys. That’s especially important when times are tough.

AURI has also brought people together who have a common goal. The Renewable Energy Roundtable is a collaborative effort to build Minnesota’s renewable energy industry into something sustainable and beneficial for all. This effort reaches across disciplines, across industry and across the state to tap into the resources and brainpower necessary to make Minnesota a renewable energy leader.

AURI was created to catalyze real innovation in Minnesota and develop solutions. While harder to spot than problems, solutions are infinitely more rewarding.