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Ag Innovation News

Apr–Jun, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 2

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately April of 2009.

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It’s not hard to spot problems these days. Many sectors of the U.S. economy are struggling, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, money
A troubled rural economy that spurred creation of the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute 20 years ago differs from today’s troubles. But AURI’s key tool
Food processors in this central Minnesota town don’t want to eliminate their waste. They want to digest it. Perham hopes to pool food-processing waste
Microwaves could sweeten the value of Minnesota sugar beet pulp. An industrial microwave dryer in Iowa is being tested by AURI scientists as a
Belching cows may be getting some relief. Sulfur in a popular cattle feed — the ethanol byproduct, distiller’s dry grains — causes gas in