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AURI ag innovation quiz


1. What is stuvite?

A. Cone-shaped mineral formations in caves

B. A biosolid formed from ethanol leftovers

C. A breakfast cereal

2. Fruchis are:

A. Fruit and dairy smoothies

B. Short-haired dogs

C. A 1960s British band

3. How many tons of alfalfa pellets are produced annually by MNVAP?

A. 100 tons

B. 1,500 tons

C. 40,000 tons

4. What fuel-based use has been found for antioxidant TBHQ?

A. Biodiesel stabilizer

B. Fuel filter cleaner

C. Artificial coloring

5. What was the tonnage yielded by a test field of prairie cordgrass?

A. 3 tons per acre

B. 6.8 tons per acre

C. 11.1 tons per acre

6. What energy policies did the Minnesota Legislature establish last session?

A. reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

B. Double utilities’ energy efficiency standards

C. Use 25 percent renewable energy by 2025

D. All of the above

7. What biomass could fuel ethanol plants?

A. Chicken feathers

B. Native prairie grass

C. Malting waste

8. What food ingredient can help heal bruises?

A. Turmeric

B. Turnips

C. Catnip

ANSWERS: 1) B; 2) A; 3) C; 4) A; 5) B; 6) D; 7) B; 8) A