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Executive Director’s Column

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of finding a bargain — especially saving on a big ticket item or getting way more than you paid for.

AURI is a bargain for Minnesota.

In our past fiscal year, AURI provided more than 15,000 hours of technical service to 245 different value-added projects. Based on a survey of those clients, nearly 200 new jobs were created and over $16 million was invested in equipment, infrastructure and other items.

Thousands of producers were directly impacted by AURI’s work. And we didn’t even figure in the jobs, investments and producers indirectly affected by this value-added activity.

Our survey asked clients about the impact of AURI’s assistance: 55 percent said they saved money, 40 percent realized increased revenue, and 60 percent avoided costly mistakes because of AURI guidance. We, like our clients, believe this service is valuable to Minnesota.

Nearly 90 percent of respondents reported AURI lab and pilot plant facilities were valuable to their projects. AURI significantly addressed business concerns for 85 percent, and improved a product or process for 70 percent.

And 60 percent say AURI services are more valuable now than when they first began working with us. More than 80 percent say AURI is needed by rural Minnesota businesses and processors.

This client feedback tells us that the vast majority of our clients have received something of value from AURI that increased their chance at success. And it’s more likely their projects will positively impact producers.

AURI services are a bargain that offer Minnesota businesses a competitive advantage.