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Sustainable Packaging Options for Ground Beef (Webinar)

In a June 2019 blog post by Ben Weinheimer for Beef Magazine, he states that as the beef industry has evolved, so have consumers, with an expectation of complete supply chain transparency and a focus on environmental considerations. In this webinar, learn about the research completed by AURI and Dr. Claire Sand of Packaging Technology and Research to identify and validate more sustainable packaging concepts for ground beef that improve consumer confidence by providing tangible and visible demonstrations of the beef industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Research outcomes specifically indicate opportunities to:

  • Improve consumer sustainability perception of the current overwrapped Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) tray package
  • Improve consumer sustainability perception of the current chub package
  • Assess and implement alternative packaging formats that better communicate sustainability to consumers

To read the “More Sustainable Packaging Solutions to Improve Consumer Confidence in Ground Beef” report here.

Run Time: 53:48