Local Sourcing For Food Manufacturing In Minnesota (Webinar)

Please join Elena Byrne from Renewing the Countryside at AURI Connects’ August 2020 Webinar Wednesday. The “Local Sourcing for Food Manufacturing in Minnesota” webinar will cover the challenges and gaps that deter local sourcing by food manufacturers while also sharing potential solutions.

Small-to-mid-sized food manufacturers represent a growing sector in the food industry with the potential to provide new market channels for Minnesota’s agricultural producers. Sourcing ingredients from Minnesota farmers is an option to provide food manufacturers with closer relationships, shorter supply chains and added value to Minnesota’s economy. For a growing number of food manufacturers, a local sourcing model aligns with its values, its customers’ values and its business strategy.

To better understand the feasibility of sourcing Minnesota-grown ingredients for food manufacturers, AURI and Renewing the Countryside launched a research project that explored the challenges, gaps and potential solutions to sourcing of local ingredients. Elena Byrne will share research highlights that include (1) factors influencing sourcing, (2) challenges to sourcing locally, including factors manufacturers and suppliers should consider; (3) recommendations for increasing local sourcing, including infrastructure and resource needs; and (4) strategies for success.

This research project was selected for support under AURI’s Agriculture Innovation Partnership (AIP) program. The AIP program catalyzes innovation, generates new ideas and supports collaborative partnerships while directing research and technology transfer opportunities that add value to Minnesota’s agricultural products or improve efficiencies in their processing.

The Local Sourcing for Food Manufacturing in Minnesota report is available for download here.

Run Time: 53:31

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