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Building an Industrial Hemp Industry in Minnesota (Webinar)

There is growing interest in industrial hemp throughout Minnesota and across the nation thanks to the passage of the 2018 farm bill that expanded previously allowed pilot programs to broad cultivation opportunities in the United States.

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) has been engaged in multiple avenues of exploration, research and network building around value-added opportunities for industrial hemp. Join us on October 14th to get the latest updates and insights AURI has to offer around building an industrial hemp industry in Minnesota.

In 2019, AURI released a comprehensive report on Minnesota’s burgeoning hemp marketplace. This included an overview of the history and background of hemp as well as identified opportunities and challenges for businesses to consider in this revitalized industry.

Since then, AURI has continued to engage with new findings, developments, connections and partnerships around the industrial hemp industry. The webinar will focus on the current state of the industry in Minnesota and opportunities surrounding hemp fiber, food, fuel and feed.

To read the “Minnesota Hemp Value Chain Analysis” report:

This webinar is also part of the AURI Connects: Fields of Innovation platformThis platform focuses on bringing together Minnesota’s ag and food value chains around new and emerging crops. Events focus on highlighting promising new crops, examining market opportunities for emerging crops, and highlighting new technologies in existing crops. Learn more at

Run Time: 57:01