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AURI & Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing

AURI and Lucky’s

Idea to reality:

Mark Porisch had some great recipes for unique sauces, but needed help with labeling and nutritional panels to help make his idea reality.

AURI’s role:

AURI chemist Ranae Jorgenson conducted tests to provide important nutritional information, and scientist Charan Wadhawan assisted in labeling compliance and standardizing recipes.


Porisch’s Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing has expanded into a line of five flavors of honey mustard, and 10 flavors of Louisiana-style hot sauce. His sauces are available at several farmers markets and a handful of Twin Cities supermarket venues, including Kowalski’s, Whole Foods and Coastal Seafoods. Recently, Porisch earned awards at the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in New Iberia, La. He won first place for Best Jalapeno Hot Sauce and second place for Best Louisiana Style Hot Sauce.